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The interface is fairly self-explanatory with this software. For example, for inserting text into your document with Free PDF Editor, all have to do is to click the toolbar button named ‘Insert Text’. Alternatively, you can navigate to this option from the main menu. An input box will then open up in the document, allowing to type freely or to copy in text from elsewhere.

From this default configuration it is then possible to move or resize the text box.

Furthermore, the program also allows for some handy text format tools, such as fonts, colour choices and text size.

Proofreading. • The Difference Between Copyediting and Proofreading (Mark Nichol, Daily Writing Tips, 4-2-11) • Is Freelance Proofreading the Job for You? (Kate Rosengarten, KateProof, 8-1-12) • Untangling Proofreading (Louise Harnby, An American Editor, 2-8-16). How one defines proofreading isn’t determined by what one actually does, but rather get paper help by whom one talks to. Outside of book publishing, it often sounds more like editing (but if calling yourself a proofreader is how they discover you, so be it).

Don’t assume you and a potential client have the same expectations. Newspaper editing. • What exactly does a newspaper copy editor do? (Bill Walsh, The Slot, on “The Lot of Journalism’s Noble Misfits.” Check his other entries, too, including How a Copy Desk Works, How Can I Become a Copy Editor? , and What’s a slot man? • An Evolving Model for Editing (Deborah Howell, Ombudsman, WaPo, on the changing role of the editor as newspaper staffs are cut) [Back to Top] Back to For Editors and Publishing Professionals.

The software is ready to download without any hassle , so why not start using it to create your own professional-looking PDFs?

Edit a single-select document field for your project. These field types can be used in document auto-numbering schemes. Select your project in the Project Selector at the top of the page.

Click the Setup button on the Module Menu , and under Project , click Project Settings . Click the Document Fields tab.

Scroll to the name of the single select field you want to edit list values for.

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